Combining unbiased functional genomic screening with the best human cellular models available.

What we do

At discovery, a CRISPR perturbation screening platform has been developed to query biology within the context of industry-defining hiPSC derived cellular models. The screening platform is applicable across a wide range of biological questions and disease areas due to the quality and physiological relevance of said models combined with the inherent rigor of the genomic screening approach.

By creating and utilising physiological relevant, pure and consistent human cell types, with matched disease models, discovery offers customers an ever expanding opportunity to perform CRISPR screens for the discovery and validation of novel drug targets or to elucidate the mechanism of action of drugs.


How it works

The Platform, developed in partnership with and Myllia Biotechnology (former Aelian Biotechnology), provides an unbiased functional genomic screening approach. In these screens, genes are perturbed by applying large libraries of guide RNAs, thus effectively creating a mixture of single-gene knockouts that can be used to query biological phenotypes. To expand the existing portfolio, discovery will also apply CRISPR interference or CRISPR activation screens that allow attenuating or enhancing the levels of target genes of interest, thus enabling loss-of-function and gain-of-function screens.

CRISPR screens are coupled to a single-cell RNA sequencing read-out, which affords the advantage of providing an unbiased view of the phenotypic consequences of each CRISPR perturbation. Transcriptomics represents an information-rich read-out that is useful across a wide range of human cell types and disease states.

If you’re searching for novel targets that are relevant for human diseases, utilising best in class hiPSC derived cell models, then our experts would be happy to engage with you to set up CRISPR screens to achieve this goal. For more information please contact us .


At discovery we strive to develop exciting new technologies for functional genetic screens in iPSCs. We are looking for people who are passionate about our mission and who genuinely care about delivering superior scientific work. Our company culture is fast-paced and collaborative with a strong commitment to excellent science.

If you feel you can contribute to our mission due to your special experience and knowledge in our core area feel free to send your application to jobs(at)